“Energetic, Determined, and influential are three words that come to mind when I think of Lindsey. About 4 months have passed since Lindsey had reached out to me about meeting for a wellness evaluation, noticing  my visits to the shop had become more frequent. Skeptical at what would be involved I was a little hesitant but always open minded I agreed to hear her out. From there it only took a three day trial to realize what the little change could lead to. Not the typical don’t do this and don’t eat that. Instead I received knowledge, support and together we worked out a plan that fit my schedule and needs. Empowering to say the least I was guided with tips, recipes and accountability, for sticking to my plan. These shakes are not only super stuffed with all the good stuff but they actually taste just as good and are truly filling. As someone who has tried other products and shakes I can say this is not comparable to what I have tried in the past, which makes my part that much easier when I find myself craving a shake. Since that day I can say not only do I have an amazing new friend but an awesome coach who I can turn to for advice, and someone I know will keep me on track. She has given me and continues to share with me all her knowledge and keeps me motivated to keep on pushing. ”  

-Joseph A MacEachern