Our mission here at Top Notch Nutrition is to educate our community on how to live a healthy active life style!

We offer FREE fit camps, healthy cooking classes, weight loss challenges, body transformation challenges, and the number one meal replacement in the world!

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“I started my weight loss journey¬†about 2.5 years ago . I was so unhealthy and felt I just existed here and was constantly seeking my purpose. I was a paralegal for 11 years, and a blessed mom of 4 and housewife, but knew there had to be more. With my product results, and unlocked myself from my unhealthy prison,¬† I found I was attracting people who were seeking help also. As I was able to educate them on how to create a healthy lifestyle, I then realized I found my purpose.” – Lori

Ward Clan“My inspiration for helping others while consuming these incredible products was driven from my own mother’s weight loss journey. I discovered Herbalife right around the time my mom decided to change her life. I chose this wellness coaching career path not knowing it would change my life too. I’m grateful for this opportunity because now I find myself as a young mom and I am able to be apart of my child’s life, never miss a day, and show others what’s possible.” – Lindsey